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أول وثيقة مُصوَّرة حيّة للاستشهاد: استشهاد أقباط سمالوط Posted Feb 18, 2015 By admin

عزيزى القارئ اذا اردت ان تساعد في تخفيف روعة هذا الحدث علي اسر هؤلاء الشهداء فارفع صلاتك عنهم واذا اردت  فيمكنك ان ترسل تبرعاتك الي Santa

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First live video documentation of martyrdom: The Martyrdom of the Copts of Samalot Posted Feb 18, 2015 By admin

If you like to donate for the benefits of the families of these martyrs and other martyrs, please forward your donation to Santa Verena Charity,

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Share the blessing of Christmas Posted Dec 04, 2014 By admin

                    Please help feeding as many families in Egypt as possible with food packages for Christmas. Cost of

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