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#GivingTuesday – Facebook Matching Program – 2019 Posted Nov 26, 2019 By admin

In support of #GivingTuesday 2019, Facebook is matching donations made on Facebook to nonprofits up to a total of $7 million. Facebook will start matching

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November 2019 Special Cases Posted Nov 22, 2019 By Fiby Abdelmalik

1) A year-old infant got retinal detachment in his right and left eyes as a result of being born prematurely which required him to be

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November 2019 Arabic Newsletter Posted Nov 22, 2019 By Fiby Abdelmalik

أحبائي محبي عمل الخير                                          نوفمبر ٢٠١٩ نعمه وسلام راجياً لكم كل خير وبركه أود أن أتأمل معكم في هذه الرسالة في خدمة سكب الطيب. الكتاب

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