Lebanon Victims

As you have all seen the horrific images and videos of the horrible accident that occurred in Lebanon, our hearts and prayers are with our Lebanese brothers and sisters. Santa Verena Charity is raising money to help those families who have suffered from this tragedy. Please find it in your heart to donate to this cause. Thank you and God Bless!

How to donate:

You may send a check to Santa Verena Charity, write “Lebanon Victims” in the memo line, send it to:

Santa Verena Charity, Inc.

PO Box 51206

Irvine, CA 92619

Or to donate online, please go to http://santaverena.org and click on “Donate Now”, be sure to type “Lebanon Victims” in the Purpose field.

Or, you can call the Santa Verena Charity office at 949-471-0310 with your credit card or banking info and we will process your donation for you.