Your one-stop solution to deal with boredom Posted January 4, 2020 by admin


In the current world of the Internet and all things online, we seldom have the time to find out better ways to have fun and spend quality time with friends and family. But not anymore! IamHere is a Bangalore based hyperlocal social network app and it lets you explore everything that is happening around you. Right from the top events to food places, and also lets you interact with the people in your neighbourhood using the app.

So, here’s everything that the app has in store that makes it easy to navigate through weekends and all other days you wish to explore the city you are in:

  1. Let’s you put in your location: You can pick the location to wherever you are right now, and the app curates all the available information about events and people around you. So you can simply do away with all the browsing and get everything right here.
  2. Wide range of options available: Once you pick out the location, you can explore all the available categories with the circles that have already been created. Some of the available options include the likes of Arts & Culture, Business & networking, Cooking, Fashion & Shopping, and a number of other things so on and so forth.
  3. Avatar creation: To access the application, you will be asked to create your avatar where you can simply input the details whether you are an individual, a business, or an NGO. After that, you have locations and categories to enter to help you set up the account. Putin a quick description and you’ll be good to go.
  4. The Neighbourhood maps: The maps help you locate other people, events, businesses around and NGOs as well. Right from artists to interior designers, everything is right here, as the app says it all.
  5. Neighbourhood wall: The neighbourhood walls allow you to explore what others are exploring, and if nothing, you can take cues from things that you must do, or add to your to-do-list. Photos of the food they eat to the art galleries they visit and all that they are exploring. It helps you explore with the help of others as they share pictures of what is happening.
  6. Spotlights: The app also fine-tunes options available that everyone is talking about, and with the options available, one might sure be impressed with the number of things they can do that everyone is doing.
  7. Bookmarks, chats, and other features: Like any other app, the app has all other basic options available including profile settings, bookmark places, and pick out places from the top picks.

The IamHere app is one of the finest options available to sort out your weekend plans and every time you are stuck at home but are longing to head out somewhere, this app can be your best friend and rightly so! With the vast variety of features that the app promises and the curated options that it has in store, there is no going back from the application. Happy exploring!