Drug Prevention

Project Name: Faith-Based ATOD Prevention Program at St. Verena and the Three Holy Youth

Mission: Our mission is to empower our youth to live a drug-free life by opening an  effective line of communication between parents and their children concerning the danger of drugs. We address our youth as a whole person, physically, mentally, and spiritually, teaching them to depend on the Lord in overcoming their daily life challenges, including addiction. These youth in turn affect the community positively by teaching non-Coptic youth about drugs and other legal issues.


  • · To possess a knowledge of the chemical addictions process and how addiction will impact the youth specifically.
  • · To gain an understanding as to underlying contributors, such as mental and emotional disorders, physical and medical limitations or unresolved issues of the past.
  • · To realize that youth never need be alone; that they are welcomed to a trusted community of support for their lifetime.

When it was founded: 2009

Locations Served:

1. Youth and their families at St. Verena and the Three Holy Youth Church.

2. The greater community of Orange County

How Can You Help: Encourage your youth to participate in the program. ALL youth from other churches are encouraged to participate. We also accept donations for curriculum support and youth outreach trips.

Success Stories:

1. The COCC Friday Family Night Fun The program contains many activities ranging from separate talks to parents and youth which are driven from a structure curriculum, Practical workshops, educational games, and social activities. All youth and their families are invited and encouraged to participate in these Friday evenings, spending their time among family, youth leaders, and priests.


Who to Contact: Dr. Nancy Hanna [email protected] 949-892-7061

Dr. Norma Yacoub 949-514-5403


Current Needs:

– Committed Team; all the current board members will continue to volunteer and commit their time towards the program that they became passionate about helping youth. Need for more members.

– Professional Resources; we plan to continue using our church professionals to assist with the continuation of the program e.g. teachers, social worker, pharmacists, psychologist and psychiatrists who are highly educated, trained and committed to volunteer their time and efforts in supporting our program.

– Young Adult Servants; attract more young servants who are liked by youth and train them to deliver the program and work with the older professionals. Together they will work on confronting the youth problems head on and developing their strengths to overcome them.

– Fund-raising for Resources; continue to foster and encourage the youth fund-raising activities to aid in maintaining the program.


Impact of the Program:

After evaluating Part –I of the program, this is seen as a good opportunity to bring families together, and teach the youth to value time spent with parents. It is a very successful program that the whole family enjoys; we are planning to continue with the same activities and new program ideas which most of times are either inspired by the youth, their parents or both. We will continue to conduct post-program surveys.

Number of People Served:

  1. 30 youth 12-17 y/o

Their parents