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Christian Family Sponsorship (Payment Authorization Form)

Christian Family Sponsorship (Brochure)

Christian Family Sponsorship “CFS” is a program of Santa Verena Charity, Inc. and operates under the guidance of H.E. Metropolitan Serapion. Christian Family Sponsorship was established on September 1, 2002 .

The Christian Family Sponsorship program pairs up a Christian family from Egypt with a donor from the United States based on their level of need. The donor commits to making monthly payments to provide these families with basic living needs such as electricity, clean water, and ovens. While the family’s identity is kept confidential, information such as the number of children and the presence of any health problems is provided to the donor to help them better understand the needs of the family. The program has been able to reach out to an increasing number of families each year, all of which have been very successful.


  • To provide regular financial assistance to our needy families in Egypt in order to help to alleviate some of their daily struggles to meet the most basic needs to live, such as food, shelter, clothing, etc., and to interrupt the poverty cycle in which they live in order to provide stability to their families and hope for a better future for their children.
  • To provide financial assistance to cover the seasonal and occasional needs of the adopted families such as holidays, marriages, sickness, education etc.

A Call for Help

Christian Family Sponsorship calls you to sponsor one or more of needy families in cities and villages in Egypt. Lists of needy families in poor areas and their case descriptions are provided by the priests of the churches responsible for these families. Most of the needy families have lost their fathers and providers to death at an early age because of the lack of, or the inaccessibility to good medical care.

Unfortunately, the mother in most of the cases is not allowed or qualified to work and earn a living before or after the death or the disabling sickness of her husband. The mother and her kids find themselves without any means of support and usually turn to their small church in the village to ask for help.

A needy family on the list which we received from one of our churches in Upper Egypt consists of a fifteen year old boy in eighth grade who found himself becoming the guardian of his six sisters after both their father and mother died prematurely from disease.

Imagine what could happen to his sisters with the temptations or pressure for a better life by joining another faith voluntarily or by force.

Facts Concerning the Need

In order to cover the minimum and most basic financial need of the needy family in Egypt , it is estimated that the needed donation would be as follows:

Number of family members Recommended financial help per month in US dollars ***
3-4 $40.00/month
5-6 $45.00/month
6-7 $50.00/month

***These recommendations are for your information. However, any donation will bring blessing to your family.

  • Christian Family Sponsorship has a separate account to serve the needy families though your donations.
  • 100% of your monthly donations will be transferred to your adopted family through Santa Verena Charity to the office of our Diocese in Cairo and thereafter to the priest responsible for the needy family, who will disburse it to your adopted family.
  • Christian Family Sponsorship will send an annual report to each donor concerning his or her adopted family.
  • At the end of the year, you will receive a letter indicating your total donation to Christian Family Sponsorship from Santa Verena Charity.

Because we are united in faith, filled with compassion, partaking together in all things, and eager to serve one another and because the Spirit instilled in us by Christ our Lord, we cannot stand by with an indifferent attitude and allow our needy brethren in Christ live in despair, deprived of the most basic needs to sustain their lives. “Blessed is he who consider the poor…the Lord shall keep him alive.” (Ps. 41:2)

Surely every one knows that the lack of financial resources can have devastating consequences on the lives of humans. Deprivation of basic needs can affect many aspects and the quality of life of people such as health, education, development, and it may even affect their spiritual relationship with our Creator.

Let us give them hope by helping them to live with dignity so that hopefully some of them may reach their potential in life and be in a position to help their own families as well as others “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to me.” (Mt. 25:40)

This is an invitation and an opportunity for us to convert some of our earthly treasures into heavenly treasures.

How You Can Help

  1. Decide how many families you want to adopt.
  2. Fill out a payment authorization form for each family you will adopt indicating your monthly donation for each.
  3. Download the pdf form Send the completed form(s) to
    P.O.Box 442
    Downey , California 90241
  4. If you have any questions please feel free to call (562) 923-2590

Christian Family Sponsorship (Payment Authorization Form)

Christian Family Sponsorship (Brochure)