The Nursing Program

Nursing Program – St. Verena Nursing Academy


History of the Program:

  • Research has identified a national shortage of well-trained nurses in Egypt, with a special need for Christian nurses.
  • The Nursing Program started in 2012
  • As of 2017, 460 nurses have graduated from this program!

Purpose and Goals of the Program:

Students are selected specifically from povery-stricken neighborhoods.

The students’ lives (as well as the lives of their families) are changed drastically through education and employment and are no longer dependent on outside assistance to sustain their needs.

To educate and train well-prepared nurses and help to solve the nursing shortage in Egyptian hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

To train nurses in treating everyone with dignity and humanity regardless of their social status or religious affiliation.

To shape the future of young people and their families with education and placement in respectable jobs.

Details of Program

  • Length of Program: One year (morning classes only), or a condensed program for 6 months for out-of-area students (morning and evening classes)
  • Class size: Average of almost 40 students per class
  • Student Texts: Each student receives 13 Nursing Education books, one book of Ethics, and one spiritual book

Prerequisites of Program

  • High school (or equivalent) graduate
  • Ability to learn advanced science
  • Willingness to work after graduation
  • Spiritual relationship with God and ready to be a good servant

Curriculum of the Program

  • Academic Lectures
  • Simulation Labs
  • Practical hospital and nursing home training

Program Fees and Coverage

  • Full room and board accommodations for out-of-area students
  • All study expenses including books, rotations and uniforms
  • Transportation expenses to visit families
  • Spiritual and recreational trips
  • Spiritual and social counseling
  • Choir
  • Graduation
  • Job placement

Scholarships – L.E. 400 per month covers personal expenses so that students can be completely dedicated to the program without any financial burden on themselves or their families.


460 Total Graduates – From March 2012 through July 2017


“The nurses graduated from St. Verena are the best nurses working at our hospital.” – Dr. Laila Khashba – Director of Nursing at Al Hayah Hospital

You can Sponsor a Student (fully or partially)!

Total expenses for one student is L.E. 18,000 ($1,000)

  • You may write a check to Santa Verena Charity, write “Nursing Program” in the memo line, send it to:

         Santa Verena Charity, Inc.

          PO Box 51206

          Irvine, CA 92619

  • Or go to and click on “Donate Now”, be sure to write the note: “Nursing Program” in the Purpose field.
  • Or, you can call the Santa Verena Charity office at 949-471-0310 with your credit card or banking info and we will process your donation for you.


Thank you for your support of Santa Verena Charity