Agape Program

The Agape (Greek word for “love”) Program is designed as an extension of two other Santa Verena Charity  programs, Christian Family Sponsorship and Coptic Christian Health Professionals. This program assists individuals in crisis situations; cases of illness, medical treatments, finding living quarters, funding to pay for marriage, etc. This includes several cases of kidney transplants and other major surgeries in coordination with CCHP.  It works in conjunction with the CFS program in areas of housing, marriage, and education needs of families.


CCHP Medical Trips to Egypt:

Serving various hospitals for people with complicated medical cases who are awaiting treatment .


Addressing sanitation welfare and improving living quarters of Coptic families in Upper Egypt. Different areas in Egypt are served through the following projects: Om El Nour & Pope Kyrillos Services, Archangel Michael Services and St. George Services.


Partnering with the CFS Program, the young members of the families get support to guarantee that they will complete their education.


In coordination with the CFS Program, this project helps new families by assisting in housing and purchasing basic furniture to create a livable atmosphere for young couples.