The Good Samaritan


The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan Project recognizes the need for people to have an income to support themselves and their families. Santa Verena Charity offers loans to people so they can start a project or small business. Once they use this loan to buy the products and equipment they need, they can start working. When they are able, they begin paying back their loans in monthly sums according to their ability.

This program provides the funds for families as well as individuals who want to start a business to earn their living via a steady income. Projects are studied with the borrower to maximize success and funds are provided as interest-free loans. These funds are returned and then circulated throughout the system to others who are in need. The cases below explain the type of businesses and projects a person can start.

1. Packaging and Selling Vegetables

A young man, together with his two brothers and his brother-in-law started a small project at Dar Elsalam in Elmaadi where they live. They would buy vegetables and fruits from wholesalers, clean them, pack them and then resell them to the different market stores. Five years ago, when they started this business, they had difficulty getting even the small markets to buy from them as they were operating from very limited resources. After they acquired the loan of one thousand pounds from the Good Samaritan program of Santa Verena Charity, they were able to expand their operation. They now have more experience and have improved their capabilities to meet the requirements of the markets, so that they are now the suppliers of famous super markets in various parts of the greater Cairo area and are able to employ five more people to work on packaging as well as delivery of their products using the project car.

2- Purchasing Sewing Machines

A married woman who used to work in a women’s clothing factory came up with an idea due to the high cost of living and being a mother of 2 kids. She thought of buying a sewing machine and sewing clothes from home. The idea was successful and she decided to expand on it. She rented an apartment in the city of Giza and applied for a loan of L.E 4000 to buy another sewing machine and fabrics, and she hired her sisters and brother to work with her. They were very successful to the point that she was able to expand her business into some areas in Upper Egypt.

3. Purchasing a Donkey Carriage to collect Scrap Metal

A married man that has 5 children got a L.E 5000 loan to buy two donkey carriages to collect scrap metal and resell it wholesalers. His two sons help with collecting the metal from different areas and he inspects what they collect and divides it up at home.

This project was very profitable for this family which in turn raised their standard of living tremendously. Additionally, the dad is building a second story level apartment for his son who is getting married.

4. Purchasing a Deep Freezer to preserve Fish

A married woman with four children has a small shop for koshary and broiled fish. She bought the fish fresh on a daily basis because she did not have a freezer in which she could preserve the fish she buys. She got a loan for L.E 4000 and bought a deep freezer which saves her the daily trip and allows her to manage her business and have more time for her family.

5. Purchasing a Van to Transport School Children

A wife who is trying to help her family got a loan for L.E 5000 and added to the loan her savings to buy a van. She used this van to transport private school girls from home to school and vice versa. After a period of time, she was able to get another for the same amount and traded the van for one in better condition. Now this lady encourages her friends to do the same.

6. Purchasing a Shoe Repair Machine

A father of four children who cares for his mother lives in a very small house in the Diocese of El Belliana in Upper Egypt. One of his daughters has a mental disability. The father works as a shoe repairman and was unable to make ends meet. Even with a monthly income they get from St. Verena charity, they still struggle with the high cost of living. The Good Samaritan program intervened to help them and got them a loan for L.E 8000 to buy the father a shore repair machine so he can work for himself. He got the machine, rented a small place and we can see improvements to this family’s quality of life.

7. Purchasing Goods for a Convenience Store

A 25 year old woman who is married and has two children, whose husband is a driver, lives in the area of El Marg. She rented a small store to sell stationery, cosmetics and general goods. She got a loan for L.E 400 to increase inventory needed in the store and increase her profit as well.

8. Manufacturing Plastic Fixtures

A father of four children, who used to work in a factory of manufacturing plastic fixtures, thought of having his own manufacturing shop. He transferred one of the rooms in his house into a shop. In the beginning the retailers provided him with plastic sheets to be manufactured. He was making a limited profit this way, until he got a loan for L.E 5000 to buy some equipment and the material needed. This way he was able to expand on the business and increase his profits. It also allowed him to have his brothers’ work with him.

9. Purchasing Frozen Meat for a Food Store

A married women with 2 daughters, has a small deli at her house. Her husband has experience working in restaurants and she started a small store making sausage and liver sandwiches for the workers in the area. The wife got a loan for L.E 3000 to buy a larger variety of frozen meat and they both work together to improve their family’s quality of life.

10. Establishing a Hair Salon

A married woman with two daughters started a hair styling and makeup shop. She turned one of the rooms in her house into the shop and equipped it with the help of the L.E 3000 loan that she was able to obtain.

11. Breeding Cattle

A 65 year old father who is a worker in a factory, has three children. Two of them have a high school diploma and still go to school. They got a loan for L.E 2000 and purchased cattle to breed and sell. After a few months they were able to increase their income and start paying the loan off. By that time they had 4 cattle. This is a family among 10 other families that benefited from this program, each family got a L.E 2000 loan.

12. Purchasing a Sewing Machine:

A wife, whose family is comprised of six people and live in a small house, started sewing using her old sewing machine to help her family out. Her husband is unable to work due to very poor eyesight. She got a loan for L.E 1,500 to buy a newer sewing machine and she is now sewing for her neighbors and friends.

13. Manufacturing Mattresses and Sheet Sets:

A married man and his wife have one son that goes to school. They live with his brother and his family in one house. He got a L.E 2000 loan and bought materials to manufacture mattresses and sheet sets. He contracted with some wholesale distributors to give them the manufactured goods to sell. The product was successful, his clientele increased and he was able to increase his family’s income.

14. Establishing a Falafel Store

A 43 year old woman, married with five children, has a husband who is a construction worker. She decided to transform a room of her house into a Falafel Shop. She got a loan for L.E 3000 and equipped the place with the needed equipment. She is now selling for people in her neighborhood and is quite successful.