Our Patron: Saint Verena

St. Verena came from a noble Christian family from the region of Thebes (Luxor). They advised her to go to Bishop Sherimon of Beni Suef, who instructed her in the Christian faith and later baptized her. St. Verena joined the Theban legion on its mission to Switzerland; the soldier’s relatives were allowed to accompany them in order to look after their needs and attend to the wounded. She was a close relative of St.Maurice. After St. Maurice and his legion were martyred, she led an isolated and hermitic life of fasting and prayer. God performed many miracles through her.

The saint served as a spiritual guide for young girls. Since she was a nurse, she also looked after their physical well-being. As a result of her fame, the ruler arrested her and sent her to jail, where St. Maurice appeared to her to console and strengthen her. After she was released from prison, she traveled to several regions. God continued to perform miracles through her. She also led many people to the Christian faith.

St. Verena was also fond of serving the poor, often feeding them. She tended to the sick, especially those suffering from leprosy. She lovingly treated their wounds fearless of their contagious disease. At the time of her departure, the Holy Virgin Mary appeared to her to strengthen her. She departed this life and went to live with the Lord on the 4th day of the Coptic month of Toot. In 1986, a delegation from St. Verena Church in Zurzach, Switzerland, brought her holy relics to Egypt. May her prayers be with us and her love and service to others be planted within us.