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Special Case April 2017

A family of 3 lives in a low-income area in Cairo. The father is deceased and the mother, who is supporting the family, is selling candy in a small rented shop. The family depends on the monthly support they receive from Santa Verena Charity in addition to 600 L.E monthly pension. The mother has a 21 year old son who suffers from corneal disease with worsening vision in both eyes. They need to perform surgery that will restore his vision which costs 14,000 L.E. The church will contribute 4,000 L.E and Santa Verena (through the Christian Family Sponsorship Program) will provide 3,000 L.E. What is needed is the remaining 7,000 L.E to cover the cost of this surgery.

If you would like to help the above case or similar ones, please send your donation to Santa Verena Charity.

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