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Youth Service Trip to Fiji

Summer is here, and the time has come to sign up for an awesome experience to go and serve God in a
different part of the world.

This year’s mission trip will be lead by Father Abraam and Father Cyril to the Islands of Fiji.

Dates: July 9th- July 23rd 2012

This is opened to youth (high school seniors and older) who would like to take the time to serve in many
different aspects. Trip includes medical volunteer, home visitations, preaching, organizational projects
and etc. This year there will be required training before leaving, please plan accordingly.

The Coptic Orthodox Church opened its first Orphanage outside of Egypt in December of 2010 in
Nadi, Fiji. The orphanage fundamentally strives to save children who have been abandoned, out casted,
abused or exploited from a dangerous and hopeless life on the street. The orphanage is now catering to
100 boys and girl who have been disowned.

Over 25,000 orphans live in Fiji. Many young girls who have babies out of wedlock are rejected
by their families; single mothers abandon their children, or poverty forces parents to give their children
away. The Coptic Orthodox Church has built this orphanage is Fiji to give boys and girls a place to live
under the Biblical principle which says, “Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives
Me” Matthew 18:5. The orphanage seeks to heal the wounds of these children, to nurture them in an
environment of integrity, social maturity an assurance of God’s love as well as empowering them to live a
healthy life with dignity.

We work to meet the immediate needs of the children in the orphanage by offering rehabilitation,
counseling, primary & medical care and safe accommodations. The Coptic Orthodox Orphanage in Nadi
is a big and beautiful place that gives children a place to pray, a place to eat, a clean bed to sleep in,
and somewhere to play. There is a kindergarten for the young children, a kitchen, and a pharmacy. The
purpose of this mission is to educate these children and love them as much as possible. The orphanage
gives children a home where they can feel happy and safe, and where they can learn about God and
traditional Fijian customs. At the orphanage children are able to make friends, be a family, and go to
school to lead successful lives.