The Project of the Two Martyrs Nabil and Neseem

(Help provide security and protection to Egypt’s vulnerable churches)


Our good Lord allowed that our churches in Egypt suffer terrorist attacks such as the ones that were carried out at El Boutrousia in Cairo, St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, and the church of St. George in Tanta. These incidents led to the martyrdom of many and the wounding of others.

While experiencing the pain of the aftermath of these attacks, the soothing hand of the Lord is also revealed to us in the way in which He protects His church and His people. In the attack at the El Boutrousia Church, the Lord used the martyr Nabil Habib, the guard of the church, who suspected the terrorist and followed him. This action prevented the terrorist from reaching his target so that he blew himself up in the back part of the church which decreased the impact of the bomb and consequently limited the number of deaths and injuries. Had he not done this, the terrorist most likely would have succeeded in blowing up the entire church, God forbid. The martyr Nabil Habib gave us an example of vigilance and bravery and presented his life as a sacrifice to the Lord.

In the attack at Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, the Lord used the martyr Neseem Bekhit, the guard of the church, in a similar way; to prevent the terrorist from entering the church. Again, his action exposed the terrorist and his intention so that he blew himself up outside of the church. It is true that many were martyred and wounded, but the vigilance and bravery of the martyr Neseem Bekhit protected the lives of many, the Cathedral, and the residence of the Pope of Alexandria considering that HH the Pope himself was there.

We thank God who has blessed our church with martyrs and we thank Him for the heroic actions of His two martyrs Nabil Habib and Neseem Bekhit. We believe that God is protecting His church and His people but we also believe that we have a responsibility to assist in providing any help we can to protect the church and its people.


The heroic actions of the two martyrs Nabil Habib and Neseem Bekhit inspired “The Project of the Two Martyrs Nabil and Neseem”. The goals of this project are twofold:

  • To train and appoint faithful deacons (with the same vigilance and bravery as the two martyrs Nabil and Neseem) throughout the churches of Egypt especially those churches with limited financial resources.
  • To provide those churches in need with security equipment such as metal detectors, which may help in protecting these churches from potential attacks.


The Diocese of Los Angeles has adopted this project through the organization of Santa Verena Charity and we are asking the beloved children of the church to contribute to this project as an expression of support towards the children of the church in Egypt.

Donations for this project can be made through Santa Verena Charity in the following ways:

  1. Go to and type “The Project of the Two Martyrs Nabil and   Neseem” in the instructions field.
  2. Call the office of Santa Verena Charity at 949-471-0310 to make your donation.
  3. Write a check with “The Project of the Two Martyrs Nabil and Neseem” in the memo and send to:

                     Santa Verena Charity

                     P.O. Box 51206

                     Irvine, CA 92619

This project is part of a bigger project that the Coptic Orthodox Churches outside of Egypt (as well as the able churches in Egypt) are participating in to help the churches in Egypt that have limited financial resources. The goal is to help provide the needed protection of their people through the training and the necessary security equipment. May God bless your donations to support this vital project and protect His church and His people and give them peace.


Metropolitan Serapion


NOTE: If you would like to donate directly to the families of the victims of the Palm Sunday attacks, please click the link for more information.